One of the most challenging lakeside projects of my career involved demolition of an old family camp and construction of a lovely new year round home on a site so steep the front door is 50 steps above road level. Additionally, the lot is very narrow and features a road within 45 feet of both front and back of the home and neighbors within 45 feet on either side. The logistics of razing a home sited on such a steep, narrow lot were staggering. Excavation, foundation and septic system work were equally challenging. Due to severe space limitations, a specialized computer controlled septic system was installed.

This project took place over a period of several years from the time I first met with the owners to begin the process of discussion of what could be done on their very problematic lot to completion of the new 3 bedroom home. Changes in family dynamics, state environmental laws and local building codes further complicated the project.

With neighbors so near, we were especially concerned with running a jobsite that would not unnecessarily negatively impact their daily lives. We succeeded to such a degree that the neighbors actually set up lawn chairs, broke out the cold drinks and watched the project progress. Both the customer and the neighbors were pleased with the building process and all are delighted with the finished home. 
Case Study 2