Ken Bartow, previous owner & Josh Gregoire, owner

Bartow Construction manipulates materials with tools and pride to bring dreams and ideas to life.  We work for customers who encourage creativity, expect quality, and trust in our opinions.  We value the support of our families and respect the work that has been done in the past, present, and in the future.


About Bartow Construction

Ken Bartow began the business in the mid-1970s building custom homes in the Otisfield, Maine area. As Ken's admiration of timeless craftsmanship grew, so did his knowledge of the fundamentals that allow for the kind of quality that is inherent in his work. Today, Bartow Construction has a skilled crew who use many of the same traditional skills Ken mastered through this experience. 

Although Bartow Construction is primarily well known for building custom homes, the company also performs renovations and maintains properties.

"Since many of our clients are seasonal residents whose homes we built or restored, we offer complete property maintenance as well.
Who better to protect and maintain your investment than the folks who know every detail of its construction?"